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Image of DC224-6 6V Deep Cycle
Fullriver DC224-6 GC2 6V Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batt Item #: 1413
Free Warranty: 3 months
Pro Rate Warranty: 18 months
Chemistry: Absorbed Glass Mat
Terminal Type: Threaded Inset M8
Group Number: GC2
Voltage: 6
Cranking Amps: 1080
Weight: 66.0 Lbs
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Price: $349.99

Available in Store Only

Price shown does not include the battery core charge (cost varies by battery). To avoid this core charge, bring your old battery in exchange at time of purchase. If you do not have your old battery at time of purchase, simply bring it later along with your receipt and a core refund will be issued.
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Image of DC224-6 6V Deep Cycle
DC224-6 6V Deep Cycle Item #: 1413

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