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          Battery Source has evolved over the years from Ray Glass Batteries Inc.  Ray started in the battery business in 1958 and we just celebrated our 50 years in business! Ray started with a single wholesale route truck based in Thomasville Georgia. Ray’s 3 son’s (Bobby, Robby (C.R.) & Kevin Glass) all got involved full time in the battery business in the late seventies. More Wholesale routes were added over the years to cover South Georgia and north Florida and Alabama. These routes sold mostly to independent auto parts stores, garages and service stations. With the slow decline of independent garages and parts stores, which was our customer base and the increase in national chain type stores, we still run successful wholesale routes in some areas, but it was not a growth business, so the Glass family looked for other niches. After all no company survives without change. The Glass family saw that the small specialty type batteries like camcorder and cell phone batteries and laptop batteries was not being met. The electronics and cell phone stores were selling the camcorders and cell phones and laptops, but keeping a very limited stock of batteries for the type they are currently selling and very few if any of last years models. So in 1989 a new retail division was added “Battery Source” The name was registered later on as a trade name owned by Ray Glass Batteries inc. Then specialty batteries were added to the automotive, Marine, and commercial batteries. The first 10 years in this new division were spent twicking the new retail type Battery Source concept, adding Golf Cars along the way and more growth has come the last 10 years and plans to increase that growth are in motion. Battery Source has evolved as your “Discount Battery Super Store !   

       After all these years, Battery Source is still owned by the Glass Family, with Ray Glass serving as president and his wife Vivien Glass as secretary and Son’s Bobby, Robby (C.R.) , and Kevin Glass serve as Vice Presidents. The next generation Ross Glass, Karl Glass, Melinda Glass, & Tyler Glass are also involved in the business. Battery Source has positioned itself for growth in the future !  


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