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Nintendo 3DS/2DS XL Battery
Item #: 10071
Replacement battery for Nintendo 3DS, N3DS, 2DS XL, CTR-003, and more.

Price: $29.99
Nintendo 3DS XL Battery
Item #: 20448
Replacement battery for Nintendo 3DS XL. Battery model SPR-A-BPAA-CO.

Price: $39.99
Nintendo Wii U GamePad Battery
Item #: 20927
Replacement battery for Nintendo Wii U GamePad, WUP-012, and WUP-010.

Price: $29.99
Acers Advantage 27-0948-00 Bat
Item #: 20936
Replacement battery for Acres Advantage Player Tracking System 6.2" Display

Price: $19.99
Sony Dualshock 4 Battery
Item #: 21053
Replacement battery for Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller, CHU-ZCT1H,

Price: $29.99
Nintendo Switch Battery
Item #: 23390
Replacement battery for Nintendo Switch, HAC-001, HAC-003, and more.

Price: $29.99
Xbox 360 Controller Battery
Item #: 23400
Rechargeable 3600mAh Battery Pack Compatible with Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Price: $29.99
Nintendo Switch Lite Battery
Item #: 25478
Replacement battery for Nintendo Switch Lite, HDH-001, HDH-003, and more.

Price: $29.99
Sony Ericsson Pegasus Battery
Item #: 32062
Replacement battery for Sony Ericsson Pegasus, Xperia Z3, D6633, LIS1558ERPC,

Price: $39.99
Sony PSP Mini Battery
Item #: 6746
Replacement battery for Sony PSP Mini, PSP Slim, PSP-S110, and more.

Price: $29.99
Nintendo DSI Battery
Item #: 6787
Replacement battery for Nintendo DSI, NDSIL, TWL-003, and more.

Price: $34.99
Nintendo DS Battery
Item #: 6815
Replacement battery for Nintendo DS, DS Lite, USG-001, and more.

Price: $19.99
Nintendo Game Boy Advance Batt
Item #: 6898
Replacement battery for Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, AGS-101,

Price: $34.99
Nintendo Wii Remote Battery
Item #: 7012
Replacement battery for Nintendo Wii controllers and NC-WR01BA.

Price: $19.99
Sony PS3 Wireless Cont Batt
Item #: 7095
Replacementy for Sony PlayStation 3 Sixaxis, PS3 Wireless Controller, LIP1859,

Price: $29.99
Nintendo GameBoy DS Battery
Item #: 7910
Replacement battery for Nintendo GameBoy DS, NTR-001, NTR-003, and

Price: $24.99
Nintendo DS XL Battery
Item #: 7920
Replacement battery for Nintendo DS XL, UTL-001, C/UTL-A-BP, and more.

Price: $39.99
Sony PSP Battery
Item #: 8630
Replacement battery for Sony PSP, PSP-1000, PSP-110, and more.

Price: $29.99
Sony PS3 Move Battery
Item #: 91736
Replacement battery for Sony PS3 Move, CECHZCM1E, LIS1441, and more.

Price: $29.99 1-877-BATTERY Battery Source