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Symbol MC70 Battery
Item #: 10060
Replacement battery for MC70, 82-71363-01, BTRY-MC70EAB00, and more.

Price: $35.99
Symbol MC70 Ext. Life Battery
Item #: 10061
Extended life replacement battery for Symbol MC70, BTRY-MC70EAB00, Motorola

Price: $53.99
Metrologic MS9535 Battery
Item #: 10070
Replacement battery for Metrologic MS9535, MS9535BT, 9535X-1K1KSM, and more.

Price: $49.99
Bullard TI Commander Battery
Item #: 20255
Replacement battery for Bullard TI Commander, BU32H1-A, and more.

Price: $49.99
O'Neil 4T Printer Battery
Item #: 20387
Replacement battery for O'Neil 4T Printer, MF4T, and more.

Price: $59.99
Intermec CN50 Scanner Battery
Item #: 20449
Replacement battery for Intermec CN50 hand scanner, battery model 318-039-001.

Price: $59.99
Intermec CN3 Extended Battery
Item #: 20496
Extended capacity replacement battery for Intermec CN3 Series, CN4 Series, AB9,

Price: $99.99
Metrologic MS5500 Battery
Item #: 20925
Replacement battery for Metrologic MS5500, Optimus S, BA-80S700, and more.

Price: $29.99
Allen Bradley Logix 5550 Batt
Item #: 20931
Replacement battery for Allen Bradley Logix 5550, 1756-L1M2, BL-3104-38216,

Price: $39.99
Symbol MC75 Battery
Item #: 20937
Replacement battery for Symbol MC75, 82-71364-05, and Motorola MC7598.

Price: $69.99
Geomax Stonex R6 Battery
Item #: 21150
Replacement battery for Geomax Stonex R6, Zoom 20, ZBA400, and more.

Price: $49.99
Juniper Allegro CX Battery
Item #: 21300
Replacement battery for Juniper Allegro CX, AMX-3, VSH-H11U, and more.

Price: $39.99
IMET M550S Thor Battery
Item #: 23141

Price: $49.99
PSC/Percon Falcon 2M Battery
Item #: 23177
Replacement battery for PSC/Percon Falcon 2M, PT 2000, 00-862-00, and more.

Price: $39.99
Casio DT-9023 Battery
Item #: 23223
Replacement battery for Casio DT-9023, FMWBP4, Fujitsu Stylistic 500, NP-510,

Price: $39.99
Symbol PDT-8146 Quick Grip Bat
Item #: 6101
Replacement battery for Symbol PDT-8146 Quick Grip, X-Scale, 21-58234-01,

Price: $34.99
Symbol DS3478 Battery
Item #: 6343
Replacement battery for Symbol DS3478, LS3478, LS3578, XS3478, 21-62606-01,

Price: $29.99
Harding Energy ASXOTCO08 Batt
Item #: 6978
Replacement battery for Harding Energy ASXOTCO08 Genisys OTC SPX VehicleSPX Vehi

Price: $53.99
Intermec CN3 Battery
Item #: 9728
Replacement battery for Intermec CN3 Series, CN4 Series, AB9, 318-016-002,

Price: $89.99
Symbol LS4278 Battery
Item #: 9989
Replacement battery for Symbol LS4278, SY42H1-G, 82-67705-01, and

Price: $24.99 1-877-BATTERY Battery Source