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Battery Pack Rebuilding
Battery Source offers the widest selection of batteries in stock and ready to go. There will be however, certain batteries that will be either hard to find, or more economical and convenient to rebuild. Battery Source has the tools and the know-how to take your old, dead battery pack and make it like new, and in some cases better than it was when it was new. Bring your old battery to your local Battery Source; where our staff can help you determine the best route for you to take when replacing your old battery.

Our stores are equipped with state of the art spot welders that can configure our new battery cells to fit into your old battery case. This service is extremely popular with contractors and homeowners alike when it comes to getting the most out of their cordless tools at a price that canít be beat. We also build battery packs for Alarm Systems, Dog Collars, Door Locks, Video Cameras, Survey Equipment, Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, Yard Tools, Industrial Equipment, RC Toys, Air Soft Guns, Flashlights, and the list goes on.

Contact your local Battery Source store for more details and pricing about your specific battery and see what Battery Source can do for you. If you are not near one of our locations, please fill out the contact us form and describe your battery. We can arrange to have you ship it to us for rebuilding. 1-877-BATTERY Battery Source
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